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APV ACCOS Integrator

Last Updated: December 2022

ACCOS Integrator is an open solution system that leverages industry-standard fieldbus networks such as PROFIBUS, PROFINET and others. The result is a flexible platform capable of connecting to a variety of devices and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

ACCOS Integrator utilizes a Paracode programming language ideally suited for food and beverage applications. Batch-type applications operate in an ISA S88 mode under the supervision of a batch controller, and the Microsoft Windows™ operating system. 

Continually Innovating – Upgrades to Keep Your Process Running Smoothly

We continue to offer upgrades which provide a proven, low-risk solution. ACCOS is designed to retain the application in its full state, while the surrounding hardware is updated. This feature reduces disruption since upgrades can be performed without rewriting or revalidating the process automation software.


  • Proven, low-cost upgrades
  • Migrate system without revalidating (or recreating) functional design specifications
  • Backward compatibility with existing systems: Solutions available to support all legacy APV BITBUS interfaces such as ACCOS2 (GPIC2), ACCOS2S (GPIC2S) and GPIO (A30G) in preparation for upgrade to a modern fieldbus network option.
  • Phased migration options for reduced downtime during upgrades
  • No need for acceptance, functionality, alarm or integration testing
  • No need for rewiring when existing I/O is used

Quickly, Easily Standardize Site-Wide Systems

If a legacy ACCOS control system needs to be integrated into a different PLC platform to align with other standards, we help you reverse engineer the core functional design specifications (FDS). This process ensures all application functionality is incorporated while lowering the risk of additional, undocumented changes being made over time. This low-risk approach results in an FDS that is easily migrated to 3rd-party PLC or SCADA platforms with reduced downtime and disruption while enhancing product safety.

ACCOS Integrator hardware is compatible with a wide range of I/O systems which simplifies wiring for partial upgrades or extensions without major cost implications.