APV® EQ 37T Homogenizer

Product Type(s) : General Homogenizers
Description :

Essential quality. Exceptional performance. A powerful, easy-to-use homogenizer for manually operated low capacity dairy and beverage applications.



APV homogenizers have been a global standard of quality for more than 120 years. And now we’ve engineered a homogenizer for manufacturers that want the best quality possible at an affordable price. The new EQ 37T can be configured as a pump, single- or two-stage homogenizer and comes with all the features you need for reliable performance.

The EQ 37T features a monoblock liquid end made from stainless steel, high-efficiency hard-wearing pump valves and homogenizing valves. The EQ 37T is designed for cleaning in place (CIP) and is fitted with FDA, EN1935:2004 and GB4806 product contact materials as standard.

Quality without Compromise

  • Simplicity - Plug and Produce
  • Integrated control panel for fast and simple installation
  • Seamless integration with your existing processes
  • Automatic water and air isolation valves included as standard

Performance you can trust

  • Robust APV homogenizer construction
  • Proven components for consistent and dependable operation
  • Materials and options matched to dairy and beverage requirements

Peace of mind

  • Designed for long operating life
  • All service areas are easy to access
  • Supported by SPX FLOW’s global aftermarket network

Standard Features

  • Monoblock liquid end
  • Ball type pump valves and seats in stellite material
  • Manual pneumatic control
  • Integrated over-pressure monitoring
  • Integrated control cabinet
  • Oil level indicator
  • Stainless steel plungers
  • Stainless steel cladding
  • Automatic air and water isolation valves
  • Weld connection
Theory of Operation

The APV EQ 37T homogenizes immiscible liquids into an emulsion, operating like a positive displacement pump with a valve.  It forces fluids at high pressures through a small gap in that valve. This increases velocity and decreases pressure causing a turbulence/pressure differential that disrupts and disperses particles.



  • Homogenizer or pump
  • Single or two-stage homogenization
  • High-pressure discharge connection
  • Connections in SMS or Tri-clamp
  • Inlet pressure gauge
  • Choice of materials for pump and homogenizing valves
  • Hardened metal plungers
  • Pulsation Dampener