APV® Seamless Infusion Vessel for UHT Processing - Plant Add-on

Product Type(s) : Infusion UHT
Description :

The APV® Seamless Infusion Vessel is a groundbreaking addition to our APV UHT processing systems, revolutionizing dairy, plant-based and beverage production. APV Seamless Infusion Vessel minimizes fouling challenges in Infusion UHT systems, ensuring extended run times, and maximizing operational efficiency. Moreover, its sustainability focus reduces resource consumption and overall operating costs.



Revolutionize Your Infusion UHT Processing and Enhance Efficiency 

Dairy, plant-based and beverage producers often face UHT (Ultra High Temperature) processing challenges, such as product fouling, impacting efficiency. APV Seamless Infusion Vessel enhances UHT Infusion system production by minimizing fouling, extending run times by up to 100 hours per year.* 

By using APV Seamless Infusion Vessel, systems have shown up to 20% increase in production time between cleanings.* 

 Reduced Product Fouling 

  • Innovative Design: Designed without a sealing gasket which eliminates fouling between the vessel bottom and pump housing. 
  • Enhanced Water Cooling: Superior cooling minimizes temperatures in the connection area leading to less fouling. 

 Extended Run Times 

  • Up to 20% Increase in production time due to fewer CIP cycles, tested on skim milk.* 
  • Gain an extra 100 hours annually on a 12,000-liter-per-hour skim milk plant.*

Because Sustainability Matters 

  • APV Seamless Infusion Vessel reduces total CIP time, with 30 fewer cycles per year on a 12,000-liter-per-hour skim milk plant.*
  • Water and Chemical Usage: Fewer CIP cycles mean lowering product waste, energy, water and detergent consumption. 

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) 

By optimizing production efficiency and minimizing resource usage, the APV Seamless Infusion Vessel effectively lowers operating expenses (OPEX). 

Service Support and Maintenance 

  • Robust Construction: Designed for reliability, reducing the need for frequent spare parts replacement. 
  • Less Maintenance: Improved fouling prevention leads to fewer shutdowns, significantly reducing maintenance requirements. 
  • Operator-Friendly: Easy installation and factory-tested components ensure smooth operation. 

Champion efficiency and sustainability with APV Seamless Infusion Vessel.  

Explore its capabilities at our Silkeborg Innovation Center in Denmark. Connect with SPX FLOW's highly skilled Solution Makers to revolutionize your UHT processing and elevate your process to new heights. 

* Based on testing conducted at our innovation center using a pilot pump (a modified version of the commercial pump) and operating at a pilot capacity of 800 liters of skim milk per hour, the data presented above has been calculated by scaling up the test results to match the capacity of a standard industrial-scale operation processing 12,000 liters of skim milk per hour.

Key Applications
  • Dairy: Milk, cream (whipped), ice cream mix, flavored milk.
  • Plant-based drink/milk (non-dairy / dairy alternatives): Soy drink/milk, oat drink/milk, almond drink/milk, and juices.
  • Specialized nutrition foods: Liquid breakfast, high protein drinks, infant formula, liquid baby food.


The APV Seamless Infusion Vessel is available in capacities from 4 m3/h to 40 m3/h offering versatility for dairy, plant-based and beverage UHT processing.