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Innovation to Spark Change

05 January 2022

Across our more than 25 state-of-the-art Innovation & Design Centers, are a team of industry experts passionate about solving our customer’s most complex challenges. These global experts are dedicated to researching continuous improvements in our product and system design. This results in continuous solutions delivery to our customers around the world. Through this partnership and collaboration model, much is achieved and “Impossible" is a word of yesterday.

This expert team is delivering tomorrow’s solutions, today.

From Rochester to Shanghai, our Innovation Centers support the health, nutrition, and industrial markets, and when we say “Solutions in the Making;” this is where they are made. As thought leaders, these Centers drive innovation around the hard questions like: What are the most sustainable ways to reduce development times while progressing innovation? This constant question is one that all manufacturers face. However, our Innovation Centers are leading the change to answer.

In addition to this, our Innovation Centers cultivate:

  • Competitive Differentiation
    In competitive, fast moving market areas SPX FLOW innovation centers provide complete facilities for customers to develop new products and quickly bring them to full production. At our Lightnin facility for example, experts facilitate small-scale testing coupled with computer modeling to troubleshoot industrial mixing problems and develop mixing solutions for new and existing processes. By troubleshooting early, customers correct their mixing problems before producing larger batches.
  • Enhanced Efficiencies
    These centers offer the versatility to try different process variations to optimize production. Customers can improve profitability with the centers’ helping them realize operational goals like reducing energy costs, minimizing waste, and maximizing production capacity.
  • Ability to Conduct Complete Trials
    The advanced testing capabilities available are among the most comprehensive and advanced for food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and health care production processes. Processes like: UHT, fermentation, heat treatment, advanced filtration, mixing and homogenization. All parts of these processes can be interconnected with raw materials handled by batch or continuous operation. To adapt to the changing needs and ongoing challenges of the global pandemic we have offered remote trials and testing to keep our customers innovating.

We dedicate a great deal of time and resource to innovation. This investment is highlighted through these five global Innovation Centers where customers collaborate with experts to create solutions that meet the modern demands of mixing as well as food and beverage processes. When asked what innovation means to SPX FLOW, Gordon Stretch, VP Global Product Management & Product Development, simply said, “Everything!"



The Author

Gordon Stretch,VP of Global Product Management & Product Development

Gordon Stretch is VP of Global Product Management & Product Development at SPX FLOW, leading global engineering resource planning and metric measurement for key accounts.



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