Aqua Void Cartridge Bilge Pump – Automatic Electro-Magnetic Combo

Product Type(s) : Bilge Pumps – Electric
Description :

With its industry-first quick-change motor connection and new reinforced click-in basket, it simplifies cleaning and installation and it's convenient and efficient. Its enhanced motor ensures reliability and performance in any condition. Experience worry-free boating with Aqua Void.

Combined with a non-clogging electro-magnetic float switch for automatic operation. The switch reacts to the level of water present in the bilge and automatically activates and deactivates the pump.



Experience the Industry-First Quick-Change Motor Connection

Our groundbreaking product features a quick-change motor connection for hassle-free cartridge motor changes or capacity upgrades.

Take Control of Your Boating Experience with Unparalleled Convenience

The Aqua Void Cartridge Bilge Pump is designed with single-handed access, perfect for tight bilge spaces. The pump body is easy to install or remove, and an innovative reinforced click-in basket simplifies installation, cleaning, or inspection.

Enjoy Enhanced Efficiency and Higher Flow Rate

Powered by an enhanced motor and high-flow impeller, the Aqua Void achieves increased efficiency and a higher flow rate while conserving energy consumption.

Trust in Reliable Performance Under Demanding Conditions

Johnson Pump Marine is renowned for industry-leading reliability. The Aqua Void lives up to this reputation with its robust construction and meticulous engineering.

Enjoy a worry-free time on the water and experience Reliability On Board. The Aqua Void Bilge Pump is a game-changing solution that sets a new standard in bilge pumps. Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your boating experience. Get the Aqua Void today!

    • Limited 3-Year Warranty
    • Capacities 500 GPH and 800 GPH
    • Pre-configured with an electro-magnetic float switch for automatic operation
    • Heightened Efficiency with an Increased Flow Rate - High Flow Impeller Design 
    • Quick-Change Motor Connection Enjoy Quick and Hassle-Free Cartridge Motor Changes or Capacity Upgrades. Industry First and Only Cartridge Motor Pump with included harness connection requiring no cutting and splicing of wires
    • Water-cooled motor for long service intervals
    • Compact, all-in-one motor/impeller unit with stainless steel (316) shaft
    • No tools needed for maintenance, no need for complete disassembly. You can now leave the pump casing attached to both the boat and the hoses. 
    • Easy-to-install Dura-Port discharge ports to eliminate stress cracking caused by over-tightened hose clamps
    • Include both a straight and a 90° smooth elbow Dura-Port as well as a removable check valve
    • Meets the international standard, ISO 8849 marine
    • Molded T-Slot - Easy Installation with Switches
    • Cartridge Pumps can be combined with either an automatic switch AS888, an electronic float switch or the Ultima Switch for automatic operation


Width (A)  3.88" (99mm)
Height (B)  4.69" (120mm)
Length (C)  6.17" (157mm)
Weight 15.9oz (0,45kg) 500 GPH
17.3oz (0,49kg) 800 GPH

Material Specifications

Pump body: ABS
Shaft seal: Nitrile Rubber
Shaft: 316 Stainless Steel


Technical Data

Part Number Pump Size Description Capacity Straight (12v) ​ Voltage Amp Fuse  Hose conn.​ Wire Size
GPH l/min
10-13626-01 500 GPH Aqua Void 600 38 12V 2.7A 3.5A  3/4" 16 GA, TAC
10-13635-01 Aqua Void Automatic - Ultima Combo
10-13637-01 Aqua Void Automatic- Electro-Magnetic Combo
10-13626-05 800 GPH Aqua Void 795 50 12V 3.7A 5A 3/4" 16 GA, TAC
10-13636-01 Aqua Void Automatic - Ultima Combo
10-13637-02 Aqua Void Automatic- Electro-Magnetic Combo