TopWing - Rotary Lobe Pump

Product Type(s) : Positive Displacement Pumps
Description :

Heavy duty Ultra-hygienic rotary lobe pump designed for the most demanding applications.



The TopWing-series is available in 8 different sizes. Shaft seal options include single mechanical, quenched, double flushed, O-ring. Feet for vertical or horizontal mounting. Safety relief valves are available built-on or separately. Pre-heating/cooling devices in front cover and/or at the seals. Connections from 25 mm to 100 mm. Benefits

  • Superior hygiene - Self-draining rotorcase and mechanical seal assembled in the liquid. Low carbon stainless steel with smooth surfaces. Easy to clean CIP, SIP or by hand, with a minimum of entrapped liquid
  • Validated and certified - Pump can easily be validated in to Ultra-hygienic applications
  • Package of certificates available as an option, as example:-Flow and pressure tests-Cleanability certificates as EHEDG and 3-A-Material certificates as 3.1, FDA, USP VI and AFO-Certificates of surface roughness, welding, electro polishing-ATEX certificates (Hazardous zone)-Quality (ISO 9001) and environmental (ISO 14000) certificates
  • Gentle product handling - Rotors with smooth performance and minimized backslip. Able to handle particles
  • Easy maintenance - Front-loaded product seals and robust bearing assembly without shimming
  • Integrated shaft and gear design - The complete pump is made of stainless steel. The shaft bearings are integrated into the rotorcase. Large shaft diameters and strong bearing design results in small shaft deflections and allows having small clearances inside hydraulic part. The use of duplex steel for the rotors increases wear resistance and improves behaviour on higher temperatures
  • Different clearance classes Depending on temperature, pressure and viscosity
  • Multirotors or BiWing rotors Optimal performance
  • 3-ACertified 
  • ATEX Certified 
  • CE Certified 
  • EHEDG Certified 



Technical Data

Rotor case: Stainless steel 316L
Rotors: Duplex stainless steel
Max. capacity: 156 m3/h
Max. working pressure: 15 bar
Max. speed: 1 400 rpm