LB2 Labmaster and Biomixer

Product Type(s) : Portable Mixers
Description :

The SPX FLOW Lightnin LB2 LabMaster and BioMixer products are designed for lab and industrial applications. They have an integrated digital control and feedback system that allows the user to precisely and easily control the mixing process. This coupled with Lightnin Impeller configuration knowhow, produces consistent results that is critical for validation and scale up.



Ideal for simple blending, solids suspension, high-viscosity and gas-liquid applications. Designed for both open and closed tank applications, the Lightnin LB2 LabMaster comes with a variety of clamping systems thereby allowing for high flexibility. The Lightnin LB2 BioMixer is designed to connect to all current BioMixer Lower Assemblies. The two speed transmission allows for constant torque over the complete speed range. • Speed and Torque feedback and display• Brushless DC motor – reduced maintenance.• Automatic overload protection - increased life• Two speed drive system• Variable speed from 20 – 2500 rpm• Maximum torque 450 Ncm (40 in-lbs.)• 0.15KW (1/5HP)• TENV Cast AL housing• Through Stainless Steel Ø10mm (Ø3/8”) Shaft - LabMaster• Rod, Universal Clamping and Sanitary mounting configurations – LabMaster• Hinged chuck guard - easily removable for cleaning – LabMaster open container mounts• Container and tang adaptors for existing BioMixer Lower Assemblies• Global availability, with UL, CSA, CE, RoHS certification, WEEE compliance and IP42 rating• Adjustable Ø10mm (Ø3/8”) shaft with one end turned down to Ø8mm (Ø5/16”) – non retrofit models• A310 86mm, (3.4”), A100 79mm, (3.1”), R100 51mm, (2.0”) and A320 127mm, (5.0”) impellers – LabMaster• Two sets of colored beads – LabMaster