62B Series - Air Blow Check Valves

Product Type(s) : Check Valves
Description :

The 62B Air Blow Check Valves are "plug-style," where air pressure pushes the bonded rubber plug away from the seat.



  • In the absence of air pressure, the spring returns the plug and holds it closed against the seat.
  • For 3A applications the 62B Air Blow Check Valve must be used with the incorporated filter disc and suitable air to be in contact with the product.
  • Air usage: Estimated air volume usage will depend upon the pipeline vessel to be evacuated. The 62B valve is rated up to 1600 Ft3/hour (45 m3/hour) air flow.
  • 3-A certified
Key Applications
  • Spring-loaded plug-style check for air-entry into product pipelines
  • Evacuation of process pipelines for product recovery and/or drainage
  • Air agitation of product in pipelines, tanks and other equipment
  • Air drying of process lines and equipment for corrosion resistance/formation of protective oxide films