Small Scale and Pharmaceutical Plants

Product Type(s) : Small Scale Dryers
Description :

Our small scale plants are designed for scientific test work, industrial research and development, as well as for small scale production.



Most products undergo careful and thorough performance tests and experiments on pilot plants in order to determine optimum operating conditions for the production-sized plant. Small scale production is relevant, when the feed product is expensive, or if only small quantities are required.

Five good reasons for choosing Anhydro small scale plants:

  • High up-time and yield

  • Adaptability

  • Repeatability

  • Full process control

  • Compliance with the strictest factory standards

Flexibility - Adaptability and built-in investment protection

SPX FLOW offers a full range of small scale evaporators, spray dryers, spin flash dryers and fluid beds that can be adapted to any need - and to new configurations dictated by changing needs.

Our small scale plant solutions consist of a basic module with a rich choice of additional options. This allows you to tailor the plant to your needs simply by adding on standardized equipment.

Our dryers and evaporators are available as single- and two-stage solutions based on a unique "Plug-and-Produce" concept which eliminates almost all of the "hidden" extra costs. "Plug-and-Produce" means that you can install and commission the plant in a fraction of the time it takes for "customized solutions".

Small scale plants are available with capacities ranging from 1 to 500 kg/h water evaporation, and enable you to produce and post treat a wide range of:

  • Fine powders

  • Agglomerated dust-free powders

  • Granules

Safety - Compliance with the strictest factory standards

The safety and well-being of your employees is critical. Our small scale plants are designed according to the same stringent health and safety standards as full-scale factory plants.

Powder and dust can pose threats ranging from explosion to respiratory damage due to inhalation. Noise can also be as big a problem with small-scale plants as it can be in the factory.

Small scale plants eliminate the risk of powder explosions by using four alternative explosion protection measures:

  • Rupture disks

  • Q-pipe Suppression systems

  • Closed cycle operation in inert gas

The risk of operator exposure to dust is also significantly reduced by:

  • Efficient cleaning systems

  • Door locks Sanitary and gas-tight connections

  • Intelligent start-up and shut-down procedures.

Ambient emissions are minimized by the use of wet scrubbers and efficient textile filters with cartridges or bags.

In most cases, noise reduction measures are standard. All plants are also CE-marked and meet the majority of other international safety requirements in standard configuration.

Easy cleaning - Greater yield with less downtime

Small scale tests and production runs often take just a few hours. Shorter cleaning times can significantly increase the return on investment of the plant.

Many small dryers and evaporators are used for R&D purposes where most tests are performed in just a few hours. The same applies to many specialized production runs. In these cases cleaning can often take a disproportionate amount of time.

Anhydro small scale plants are designed for thorough cleaning in the shortest possible time.

Two cleaning options are available:

  • Semi-manual integrated cleaning system

  • Fully automatic CIP system. CIP stations are also available

These cleaning systems offer a long line of advantages:

  • Effective cleaning

  • Increased availability

  • Less non-productive work

  • Minimum dust exposure

  • Ease of us

Small scale plants are designed for sanitary operation in accordance with international Good Manufacturing Practice (cGMP). All materials are on the FDA White List, flanges feature O-ring connections, and there are no sharp corners or edges inside the process vessels.

Process control - Full control for consistency and documentation

Consistency and documentation are as important in small scale plant operation as they are in a full-scale manufacturing context. Advanced process control solutions are a natural part of Anhydro small scale plants.

Advanced process control is essential to consistency in experimental procedures and end-product quality. Data registration and logging are essential in order to document results.


Most small scale plants are equipped with a control system based on an industrial PLC system and a soft-touch colour screen as the operator interface. Process parameters and thresholds are displayed in clear text, for straightforward and efficient operation.

Process data are registered locally on the small scale plant. You can choose to have data passed directly to your own network via an Ethernet connection. Alternatively data can be stored on a portable smart card, enabling you to transfer process information to a desktop or laptop computer.

Process data can be examined, analyzed and presented for documentation purposes in tabular and graphical form using a standard spreadsheet application.