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Triple-A® Spray Dryers

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Dryers - Nutrition and Health / Spray Dryers

The Triple-A® spray dryer enables powder manufacturers to dimension and customize a complete drying solution for production of free-flowing dustless powders and agglomerates according to customer specifications.


Based on a platform of innovative and advanced applications technologies, the Triple-A® spray dryer combines a new spray dryer design with an integrated fluid bed and an optional external fluid bed to give our customers total control over product quality and process economy.

Function and Principle of Operation
The Triple-A® spray dryer comprises five main components, all of which can be customized to individual requirements:

  • Air distribution and nozzle atomization system
  • Spray dryer
  • Exhaust and fines re-circulation system
  • Second stage integrated fluid bed
  • Third-stage external fluid bed

The air distribution systems send constant air flow at controlled temperature and volume into the spray dryer, integrated fluid bed, and optional external fluid bed. The nozzle atomization system provides total control over air distribution within the drying chamber as well as powder particles and agglomerate sizes.

The spray dryer features a chamber design ensuring dustless drying of a wide range of products from low-fat to hygroscopic and "sticky", leaving a minimum of product residue in the chamber. This ensures significantly longer production time between CIP.

The re-circulation system uses cyclones or bag filters, or a combination of both to recycle fines to the spray dryer chamber, the integrated fluid bed, or the external fluid bed. An integrated, second-stage fluid bed is used for final, low-impact drying and cooling. The configuration is customized according to required capacity, residence time, temperature constraints etc. An external fluid bed can be incorporated including vibratory options, connected to the integrated fluid bed outlet for additional drying and cooling.


  • Individually customized plant delivers the optimum solution for specific process and production requirements
  • Complete process control together with uncompromising technology and engineering ensures production of consistent end-product in accordance with predefined customer specifications
  • Equipment options are available for all capacity requirements from small-scale plant to full industrial production
  • Innovative drying system design together with straightforward service and maintenance access ensures maximum production run-time
  • Consistently high yield, energy-efficiency and low operating costs mean rapid payback and low total cost of ownership
  • Components and equipment designed and engineered for reliability and performance ensure long service life with modest service and maintenance requirements

Special features

  • Innovative spray drying chamber for efficient drying and long production time between CIP
  • Nozzle atomization for optimum spray of feed material
  • Choice of air distribution options for complete control of air flow
  • Choice of integrated, second-stage fluid bed options for drying or cooling
  • Third-stage, external fluid bed options for final drying and/or cooling
  • Choice of exhaust systems and fines re-circulation options to ensure maximum product quality and yield
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