Cavitator - Controlled Cavitation Mixer

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The Next Generation in Mixing and Heating Technology




The Next Generation in Mixing and Heating Technology

SPX FLOW offers an innovative new next generation technology called the APV Cavitator. This patented technology offers breakthrough benefits for the heating of liquids without scaled buildup and/or the mixing of liquids with other liquids, gasses or solids at the microscopic level to improve product quality and functional performance.

The potential markets for applications of the APV Cavitator technology are numerous. SPX FLOW has identified these key markets where there is a clear need for the breakthrough benefits in time, cost and sustainability considerations.

7 good reasons to buy the APV Cavitator:

  • Improved process efficiencies (time, operating costs, and/or capital costs)
  • Enhanced product quality, yield and/or raw material savings
  • Extended process run times related to scale-free heating
  • Elimination or reduction of process downtime from maintenance requirements
  • Smaller footprint than traditional technology
  • Designed for easy disassembly, and fully CIPable
  • Makes high quality emulsions at the desired particle size

Dairy Foods Equipment Showcase - March 2019

Instant Hydration of Stabilizers - using hydrodynamic controlled cavitation || PDF

SPX FLOW offers customers a range of test opportunities using the Cavitator, either at our Innovation and Design Centers or through our Cavitator Pilot Plant rental program.