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CompoMaster (KCC) - Standardization Systems

Product Type:
Mixers And Blenders / Mixer Systems

Unit for automatic standardization of fat content in milk and cream.

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The CompoMaster is designed for operation together with a milk separator. The fat content of the raw milk is determined automatically using density transmitters after which the CompoMaster fully controls the on-line standardizing process.


  • High standardization accuracy
  • Fast control response to fat set point changes
  • Automatic determination of fat content
  • Advanced designs for in-line standardization of fat, protein and solids
  • Delivered as a skid-mounted unit ready for installation and commissioning
  • Available as stand-alone unit or as unit for full integration into complete milk processing systems
Key Applications

Field of application

  • Milk
  • Cream
CompoMaster Standardization Systems ID-6700 US