CU4plus - Valve Control Units

Product Type(s) : Control Units
Description :

Control with AS-interface bus system, Direct Connect and IO-Link



The CU4plus utilizes the latest in advanced APV control unit technology to offer the optimum solution to control and monitor sanitary valves. The control units provide increased process accuracy and safety, easy operation, and reliable diagnostic tools for predictive maintenance. The CU4plus is available with 24VDC Direct Connect, IO-Link, as well as AS-I bus communication protocols. Advantages

  • Highly accurate, contact-free valve stem measuring
  • Teach-In function for quick and easy feedback adjustment
  • Ultra bright LEDs for clear indication of valve position, power, and solenoid activation
  • Manual override solenoids and adjustment screw to throttle actuator air flow
  • Ability to retrofit and upgrade on existing valves
  • Toolbox software for advanced control, monitoring, and service

  CU4plus IO-Link - Additional Advantages

  • Interoperable flexibility leads to ease of installation and use
  • Real time diagnostics improves uptime
  • Unique air pressure monitoring allows for quick maintenance response
  • Data centralized for a robust network and less downtime
  • Seat lift pulsation enhances CIP / sustainability

  IO-Link Device Description (IODD) file available here.