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Flex-Mix Instant Series - Batch, In-line or Continuous Mixers

Product Type:
Systems / Mixing
Designed for batch mixing, in-line mixing or continuous mixing in closed systems.

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Designed for batch mixing, in-line mixing over one or more hydration tanks or continuous mixing in closed systems with vacuum powder transport.


  • Unique high shear mixing enables a high powder intake
  • Air is efficiently removed during mixing prolonging running time and ensuring consistent quality
  • Allows a closed, continuous production, resulting in higher throughput and reduced dust issues
  • Handles a large number of formulations - flexible

The mixing principle

Powder is sucked into a circulating liquid by vacuum. The dispersed powder is homogenized by passing it through the mixer head located next to the tank.

Application Sheets
Recombined Cheese - Feta Cheese - ID-16012 GB
Mixing & Blending Technology ID-5000 GB
Flex Mix Family ID-6203 GB DE ES EST FI FR HU NL NO PL RU SV
Flex-Mix Instant ID-6207 GB BG DE ES FI FR NO RU SV
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