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Gaulin 132CPR Series - High Pressure Homogenizers

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Homogenizers / General Homogenizers

Highly efficient homogenizer.

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5-plunger homogenizer, equipped with an application-specific homogenizing valve assembly and hydraulic actuation. Large selection of standard options as well as special options. Materials for plungers, packings, pump valves, valve seats and seals are custom-selected for your application.

Rannie and Gaulin Homogenizer Animation
Gaulin Homogenizer Maintenance
Homogenizer Overview Brochure ID-3000 US GB CZ DE FR
Gaulin 132 CPR ID-3019 US GB DE FR
Homogenizer PLC Control Panel ID-3175 US GB
The Effect of the Second-Stage Homogenizing Valve US
Homogenizer Applications - Dairy - FB-0024 US
Homogenizer Applications - Grease - FB-0025 US
Homogenizer Applications - General Food - FB-0026 US
Homogenizers - Service - FB-0027 US
Homogenizer Packing - FB-0057 US
Technical Documents
Homogenizer Handbook - Emulsions and Dispersions ID-3005 US