Infusion UHT (SDH)

Product Type(s) : Infusion UHT
Description :

Infusion UHT plants use gentle, rapid heating and cooling with accurate holding times to produce products of superior quality with minimal change in composition and taste. The synchronized flow of product, steam, air and condensate further creates optimum heat transfer and processing efficiency. The system is very flexible and can be used for a wide range of products including:  Milk, ESL milk, Flavored milk, cream, soya/oat/almond drinks and milk, ice cream mix and coffee whiteners (non-dairy).



Infusion UHT Express is a standard system designed for easy ordering, fast delivery, and, based on our vast experience, without compromise on performance.  Designed to optimize output

  • Gentle and accurate heating in the infusion system
  • Superior product quality with low chemical change and a fresh pasteurized milk flavor
  • Low fouling rate for long run times, long operating time between CIP
  • High production flexibility.

 Food safety

  • High bacteria spore kill rates
  • Efficient, effective cleaning
  • Proven design for 50+ years

 Other key features

  • Energy recovery
  • Pre-assembled and factory-tested for easy and fast installation
  • Capacities: 7,000 - 13,000 - 13,000 to 18,000 - 13,000 to 22,000
  • CIP and PLC systems included
  • Customized SPX FLOW service and maintenance agreements
  • Global delivery of genuine spare parts and aftermarket support
  • Application testing at the SPX FLOW innovation centers in Denmark and China
Key Applications
  • Milk
  • ESL milk
  • Flavored milk e.g.chocolate
  • Cream (whipped and vegetable based)
  • Soya drink/milk
  • Oat drink/milk
  • Almond drink/milk
  • Ice cream mix
  • Coffee whiteners (non-dairy)


Innovation Centers and Pilot Plants SPX FLOW Innovation Centers are based in Silkeborg, Denmark and in Xidu, China. UHT pilot plants are available for customers wishing to test new processes or products and to optimize existing process parameters with the assurance of production stability. Plants are also available for rent, enabling our customers to conduct trials on their own premises.