LeanCreme™ - Microparticulation of whey proteins

Product Type(s) : Leancreme
Description :

Dairy based ingredient for optimizing yields and value.



Patented SPX FLOW LeanCreme™ technology produces LeanCreme microparticulated whey protein concentrate. This dairy based functional ingredient can improve the value of products including cheese, milk desserts, protein enriched drinks, dressings and sauces, ice cream, confectionary, bakery products, nutraceuticals, powder ingredients and meat production. Benefits include:

  • Replacing fat
  • Dairy based stabilizer
  • Improving mouthfeel
  • Increasing nutritional value
  • Increasing cheese yields


Microparticulation of whey proteins

Heat denaturation

Aggregation and controlled mechanical shear

By combining the thermal and mechanical treatment of the whey protein concentrate (WPC), the process enables accurate control of heat and shear force to produce consistent and ideal particle sizes during the denaturation process– providing adequate functionality and sensorial properties to the end product (e.g. similar to fat globules in milk) with a reduced fat content.


SPX FLOW can provide full process line solutions to produce LeanCreme™ microparticles from raw whey. The LeanCreme microparticulation plant is a standardized, frame mounted installation, designed for easy integration on site. It comes in standard sizes covering capacities from 500 – 3.000 l/h. As standard, it can handle finished product viscosities up to 100 centipoise.                           Cavitator™ technology Cavitator technology is a scale-free heating technology ideal for extending running hours with high-fouling products.