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Pilot 4T Homogenizer

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Theory Of Operation

The APV Pilot 4T homogenizer provides all the functionality of a full-scale homogenizer but can apply them in pilot projects running at low flow rates. Like a full-scale homogenizer, the Pilot 4T homogenizes immiscible liquids into an emulsion, operating like a positive displacement pump with a valve. It forces fluids at high pressures through a small gap in that valve. This increases velocity and decreases pressure causing a turbulence/pressure differential that disrupts and disperses particles.

Key Applications

Homogenization is used in many industries, but it is most common today in food and beverage, as food producers are capitalizing on the growing market for enhanced nutritional or plant-based products. Possible applications for low-flow rate homogenizers include:

  • Nutrition and Health, especially
    • Dairy
    • Plant-based alternatives
    • Food and ingredients
  • Chemical
  • Biotechnology
  • Pharmaceutical
  • OEM pasteurization, UHT or drying skids


Homogenization application objectives:

  • Particle size control for smoother, finer emulsions
  • High gloss finishes
  • Improved stability to reduce needs for additives
  • Improved water binding
  • Enhanced color properties
  • Uniform emulsions
  • Creams and lotions that are easier to apply

The availability of low-capacity, low flow rate homogenizer provides new flexibility to research, develop and test, new ways to apply homogenization to add new value to products.



Standard Machine

750 x 660 x 850 MM
30 x 26 x 34”

Mounted on Frame

750 x 745 x 1460 MM
30 x 29.5 x 58”

Packed in Crate

1360 x 1050 x 1300 MM
54 x 41 x 51”

Packed Volume

1.9 M3


APV-3180-Pilot 4T EN-GB EN-US
Homogenizer Pilot 4T 3180 DST CN