Rannie Series - Three-Piece Block - Homogenizer Liquid End

Product Type(s) : Liquid Ends Homogenizers
Description :

A modular design consisting of a 3-piece valve housing and 3 or 5 individual cylinders.



Rannie Liquid End A modular design consisting of a three-piece valve housing and individual cylinders (3 or 5). The three blocks around the pump valves are a very simple and clean design, which, together with the individual cylinders, allow for very high pressures.

  • Pressure range up to 1500 bar / 21750 psi
  • Available with poppet or ball valves in SS or Stellite
  • Hygienic design
  • Aseptic design
  • Spring-loaded inlet valves
  • Service friendly and flexible-pump valves easily repaired or replaced-reversible pump valve seats, easily repaired or replaced

The cylinders, tightened against the 3-piece valve housing with a single O-ring, contain the plunger packings and the plunger lubrication system.

  • Pressure range up to 1500 bar / 21750 psi
  • Single U-ring plunger packing
  • Service friendly
  • Plunger packings easily replaced
  • Easy to change into aseptic (double sealed) plunger lubrication system