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SW4 Series - Single Seat Valves

Product Type:
Valves / Single Seat Valves
Hygienic, highly versatile valve.

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When designing this valve, great emphasis was given to facilitating valve handling, installation and maintenance.

Its hygienic design makes it ideal for applications in the dairy, beverage and brewing industries as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

More features and advantages:

  • Extra wall thickness of valve housing reduces stress in the seat area
  • Wear resistant elastomer/PTFE shaft seal and bearings increase seal lifetime
  • Installation and maintenance convenience
  • Profile seals with marking for easy identification
  • Metallic stop provides for defined compression of seat seal
  • Ball shaped housing prevents sump or dome, reducing CIP cleaning times
  • Clamp closure provides for quick and easy valve maintenance
  • Many different housing configurations
  • EHEDG certified
  • 3-A approved

All product-wetted parts are made of AISI 316 L / 1.4404 (DIN EN 100888) stainless steel. Seal materials are EPDM (standard), HNBR, FPM, VMQ (options)

Valve variants:

  • With manual actuation (SW4 H)
  • Divert valve (SWS4)
  • Tank outlet version (SWT4)
  • High-pressure design (SWhp4)
  • With steam barrier (SW4 DPF)
  • Long stroke version (SW4 long stroke) for highly viscous products or larger particles
  • With modulating cone (SWR4)
  • Tangential inlet / outlet
  • ATEX compliant models
  • 3-A version

Nominal dimensions: DN 25 – DN 150 / 1” – 4”, 6”


Optional Equipment:

  • Stroke limitation (infinitely variable/twin stop)
  • Oil dampening device
  • Proximity switch holder
  • Control unit
DELTA SW4 Single Seat Valve Maintenance
斯必克流体(SPX FLOW)旗下APV品牌DELTA SW4单座阀的维护保养
APV Valve Key 8047 GB
SW4 Single Seat Valve User Manual GB DE DK ES FR
SW4 DN25-100 Single Seat and Change Over Valve ATEX User Manual GB DK DE
SWS4 Divert Valve User Manual GB DE
SWT4 Tank Outlet Valve User Manual GB DE ES FR