With a long history of strong brands, we celebrate another SPX FLOW brand with a legacy of innovative excellence. This time, it’s Seital Separation and its pioneering developments over the last four decades.

Seital is renowned for separation and clarification solutions tailored to the unique needs of the food and beverage industry.

At the heart of its legacy is our commitment to tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers. We don’t believe one size fits all - we create solutions that align perfectly with their requirements, like buying a pair of shoes that fit rather than squeezing into a pair that’s too small.

A History of Innovation

What began as a passionate endeavor in Santorso, Italy in 1983, Seital has evolved into a symbol of excellence. Three stakeholders, driven by a passion for precision, founded Seital to produce disk-stacked separators, setting the standard for advanced separation and clarification technology. In 1992, they introduced the groundbreaking concept of integrating the separator, control cabinet, and all piping and automation onto the same skid. This ingenious idea not only streamlined installation but reduced costs, positioning Seital as a pioneer in this field. In 2012, the reputable brand was acquired by our solution makers at SPX FLOW.

Seital Separation has mastered the art of separation and clarification in the dairy, beverage and industrial sectors. From juices to milk skimming, whey processing to oil refining, Seital technology delivers exceptional quality, high efficiency and impeccable hygiene standards. The technology’s vertical disk stack centrifuges offer compact solutions that provide outstanding performance while keeping the total cost of ownership low. Our in-depth understanding of fluid dynamics has empowered us to develop advanced centrifugal separation equipment and cost-effective rotary strainers.

Wins By Industry

Innovative Dairy

Seital introduced the Seital Standardiser an automatic standardization unit, an advanced system that uses a Coriolis-type meter to maintain the density of cream coming out of the separator. It automatically controls separator output parameters and enables operators to adjust fat content according to predefined recipes. The Seital Standardiser is celebrated for its exceptional performance, versatility, and efficiency because of its heightened processing efficiency, user-friendly maintenance and real-time automation for quality assurance. The unit operates as a stand-alone module with flexibility to be integrated into new separators also.

In artisan cheese production, our hygienic vertical disk centrifuge separators have enabled small to medium-sized dairies to achieve exceptional performance and operational efficiency.

Excellence in Breweries

Real-world success stories provide a testament to Seital Separation's impact. Out of 2,227 entries and 305 participating breweries, one of our customers emerged as the winner of the Birra Dell'Anno Beer awards with the highest score across 45 different categories. This prestigious award is organized by Unionbirrai and recognizes the best craft beers and breweries in Italy.

Earlier this year, CRAK Brewery was awarded the top prize of Brewery of The Year, attributing to the win was the use of Seital beer clarifiers. A consistent quality in its beers is preserved by minimizing oxygen pick-up levels, keeping the brew fresh and full of flavor.

“We had the pleasure to work with an ever-present SPX FLOW team that always proved ready to step in when needed, especially when it came to learning how best this centrifuge could perform and preserve brew quality. We want our beers to always deliver the very same satisfaction and pleasure the taster enjoyed from the first sip to the very last,” said Anthony Pravato, Owner, CRAK Brewery.

Another Italian brewery, Brewfist, expanded its production capacity with Seital's clarifier, achieving remarkably low oxygen uptake, reduced processing time and consistent beer quality. This innovative technology significantly boosted its annual capacity.

Seital experts don't simply deliver top-tier equipment; they solve customer’s complex challenges through equipment reviews, process analysis and pilot plant installations.

This comprehensive support distinguishes us in the industry.

Celebrating 40 Years of Excellence

As Seital Separation commemorates its 40th anniversary, we pay tribute to a brand that has redefined the food and beverage industry. Boasting a comprehensive array of separation and clarification equipment, the brand continues to empower businesses to attain peak performance and deliver products of exceptional quality.

And stay tuned; we’re eagerly anticipating the next 40 years of establishing new industry standards.

Post Author
Global Product Manager, Dispersion Products

Con O’Driscoll is Global Product Manager for Homogenizers, Sanitary Mixers and Separators at SPX FLOW, driving innovation in dispersion solutions enabling our customers to meet their customer and market needs consistently and sustainably.

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