Sustainable and Cost-Effective Lactose Whitening

May 17, 2024 Michael Christensen Anhydro Spray Dryers

Lactose powder, a common ingredient in various food and pharmaceutical products, is often used for its binding and bulking properties. However, some applications such as cheese powders, milk/dairy powders, infant/baby formulas, and pharmaceuticals may require lactose powder to be whitened to meet industry and consumer standards. Whitening lactose powder involves the removal of impurities and colorants that may affect its natural white appearance. There are two popular methods for whitening lactose powders – carbon cartridges and lactose washing – but there’s also a new, innovative, more sustainable, and cost-effective solution.

Traditional Lactose Whitening Methods

Blue Light Technology: A Sustainable, Cost-Effective Way to Whiten Lactose

Blue light technology removes the yellow color of riboflavin to get white lactose powder. This cutting-edge solution not only offers cost savings but also promotes environmental friendliness.


Blue Light Technology 

Carbon Cartridges 

Lactose Washing 

Doesn’t Use Carbon 




Uses Less Water 




Eliminates Wastewater Treatment 




Doesn’t Wash Lactose Down the Drain 




When it comes to whitening lactose powders, it's essential to consider both the environmental impact and the efficiency of your chosen method. The Anhydro® BlueLight Whitening System™ leverages blue light technology and offers a more sustainable, cost-effective way for manufacturers to whiten lactose powder.

Learn more about the Anhydro BlueLight Whitening System.

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