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Unleashing Double the Power: Meet the NOVADOS DADD Pump

30 August 2023

Picture this: offshore rigs, where space and weight constraints challenge conventional processing. Daily.  

While this concept isn’t new, Bran+Luebbe pump experts have embarked on a mission to redefine the possibilities with their compact industrial pump designs aboard these floating vessels. And this cutting-edge solution not only delivers a smaller footprint and lighter load but also boasts an astounding increase in flow rate.  

It’s done by utilizing the NOVADOS double-acting double diaphragm pump, also known as the DADD. 

Why settle for two separate flow paths when you could have just as much output from one?  

How it continues to transform offshore operations: 

Industrial pumps have long been the lifeblood of both upstream and downstream applications in the oil and gas industry. So, engineers thought through three primary advantages to designing double acting double diaphragm pumps to enhance cost savings, space and safety.  

Cost Savings: 

Whether considering the implementation of a DADD from the outset or upgrading an existing system, the long-term cost savings throughout the system's lifecycle are significant, particularly in oil and gas. Initial savings stem from the purchase of only one pump instead of two. But the true total cost of ownership over the product's lifespan stems from the reduced maintenance and service upgrades over time. Given the brand’s history of longevity, it’s not uncommon for a Bran+Luebbe pump to last for 40+ years. 

Space and Weight Savings: 

Naturally, the compactness on oil rigs raises the need for optimizing space utilization. When compared to using two individual diaphragm pumps, the NOVADOS DADD was found to be 17% smaller. Additionally, DADD pumps weigh less than traditional duplex pump head pumps or the combined weight of two diaphragm pumps. For instance, the NOVADOS DADD pump weighs approximately 20% less than two conventional diaphragm pumps combined. 

Durability and Safety: 

Diaphragm technology used in DADD pumps makes for hermetically sealed hazardous and dangerous chemicals, resulting in enhanced safety. With no seal gaps, the risk of pumped fluid leakage is essentially eliminated, protecting the oil rig personnel. No leakage? Little maintenance? These pumps offer enhanced durability, less waste and cost over time. 

In summary, DADD pumps have emerged as a transformative solution for oil and gas operations. To capitalize on these advantages, it is essential to partner with a trusted and experienced equipment supplier. Current and new Bran+Luebbe customers stand to benefit from our comprehensive support system that includes equipment, on-site start-up support, repair services and precisely engineered solutions.  

Navigate the challenges of production offshore and achieve success in an ever-evolving landscape, 




The Author

Zoë Craik,Global Product Management Leader, Pump Solutions

Zoë Craik is the Global Product Management Leader for Pump Solutions, leveraging more than 20 years of experience in development engineering to deliver industrial solutions across market sectors.



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