AutoBlend System - Offshore Chemical Metering

Product Type(s) : Semi-Continuous & Continuous Mixers
Description :

Chemical injection for oil and gas offshore fields is required to treat seawater and associated pipelines before reinjection and for flow assurance.



Seawater treatment consists of metering bactericides, oxygen scavenger, scale and corrosion inhibitors in proportion to the main seawater flow. For flow assurance pour point depressants, antifoaming agents, wax inhibitors, polymers, scale and corrosion inhibitors, and hydrate inhibitors are injected at high pressures to maintain oil flow and protect oil pipelines. Advantages

  • Design, purchasing, building and expert pump selection provided by one company.
  • Remote operation with automatic stroke control of pumps.
  • Long service life of diaphragm pumps with remote alarm for failure.
  • Additional heads can be added for future injection points.
  • Variable speed motor or stroke control can be added to inject chemical automatically in proportion to the main flow.