PENTAX Multi-Frequency Fluid Mixers

Product Type(s) : In-Line Mixers
Description :

The PENTAX dynamic in-line mixers offers excellent performance and can accommodate a wide capacity range, variable shear and can be supplied with auxiliary equipment as required.



Multi-Frequency PENTAX fluid mixers are used where two mutually insoluble liquids must be continuously mixed into a stable emulsion, or where solids in suspension must be dispersed as finely as possible in a viscous liquid. The multi-frequency liquid mixer comprises a series of opposed rotors and stators on a common axis. The rotors are fitted with milled teeth for low viscosity applications and with round studs for use with viscous fluids. Inside the PENTAX fluid mixer, constantly changing areas of rapid flow and resistance subject the liquid to high frequency acceleration and deceleration. The resulting high energy shear forces result in effective dispersion and emulsification.