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ProCam Plunger Metering Pumps

Product Type:
Pumps / Metering Pumps

Economical and reliable. The robust and compact design allows operation even under harsh environmental conditions.


Economical and reliable, the robust and compact design of the ProCam plunger pump allows high operational security.


At a glance:

  • Economic metering of non-hazardous fluids
  • Operating pressure up to 80 bar
  • Flow rates from 0.16 to approx. 60 l/h
  • Robust gear technology with proven lost motion design for continuous
    operation at max. flow / pressure conditions
  • Linear stroke adjustment with manual or electric options
  • High operational security


  • Gear box in a rugged cast iron housing
  • Integrated worm gear
  • Splash lubrication
  • Electric motor (IEC, IP55)


  • Single pump with plunger pump head
  • Manual stroke adjustment
  • Electric motor with fixed speed
  • Materials for pump head and valve housing
    - Stainless steel
  • Multiple pumps with up to 6 plunger pump heads are available
  • Can be combined with ProCam diaphragm metering pump
  • Electric stroke length adjustment (also with integrated controller)
  • Electric motor with variable speed
  • Hazardous area design (up to Zone 1, IIC, T4)
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