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  • Mobile & Stationary Hydraulics

SPX FLOW can design, develop, test, and manufacture custom industrial equipment or processes for an extensive range of industrials. SPX FLOW encapsulates several industrial equipment manufacturers; by leveraging their history of innovative design SPX FLOW can build customized industrial processes end-to-end. SPX FLOW brands each specialize in the development of customizable industrial equipment to fit the customer’s needs.  


SPX FLOW industrial mixer brands draw from over a century of experience to research, develop and design fully customizable industrial mixing solutions. Optimal mixer development is dependent on a range of industry factors. SPX FLOW mixing solutions utilize SPX FLOW mixing labs to test and develop high-functioning mixing solutions. By replicating a customer’s solution with a comparable simulant, SPX FLOW application engineers can utilize cutting edge technologies to formulate measured mixing solutions.


Our application engineers will, in some cases, evaluate a customer’s existing mixer design and process goals to determine opportunities for improvement. SPX FLOW engineers can then assist in the specification of mixer design, tank internals, feed stream locations and product draw-off position to optimize process operation.

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SPX FLOW custom homogenizer design is a collaborative process. SPX FLOW application engineers work closely with customers to meet specific production requirements and design an optimized homogenization process. Utilizing SPX FLOW Innovation and Design Centers, application engineers can perform trials of the homogenization process to test product samples and efficiency. Testing for pressure efficiency is vital, as an over-engineered homogenizer could be causing higher energy cost and could affect the specifics of the resulting product.


SPX FLOW brands offer a homogenizer rental program to provide customer flexibility to scale process equipment with process requirements.

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Heat Transfer

Industrial heat transfer systems are highly specialized industrials, due to the variable method and structure of heat exchangers. SPX FLOW’s customized plate heat exchangers can be designed with a variable number of plates within the heat transfer system to develop the correct product texture and consistency. A scraped surface heat exchanger can be customized to similarly fit the needs of the product. Through alterations to motor speed, shaft mounting, blade shape, tube integrity, and overarching process factors, scraped surface heat exchangers can be specialized to the product attributes.

For example, creamy peanut butter may require higher motor speeds, and eccentric shaft mounting, while crunchy peanut butter may hypothetically require a medium speed motor, concentric shaft mounting and cutaway style blades in comparison.

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Full Production Solutions

SPX FLOW custom process solutions span product lines holistically. Leveraging the full range of brand product lines, SPX FLOW can design end-to-end industrial processes from internally manufactured equipment primarily. In the situation of designing a full custom process, SPX FLOW application engineers perform a depth of research into the customer's industry, to optimize processes and accurately design to accommodate product specifics. Before fabricating a full system, SPX FLOW engineers may test solutions with an SPX FLOW innovation center and test lab to observe process productivity and efficiency.

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