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At Hydraulic Technologies, our outside Sales Team and hydraulic solutions specialists work closely with our customers to fully understand their goals and objectives. Allowing SPX FLOW  to provide suitable customized hydraulic technology by leveraging our Power Team, Hytec, Stone, Globe, and Bolting Systems brands. This customer-driven approach is designed to specifically develop optimal hydraulic solutions based on direct input and feedback from customers.

Customized Hydraulic Solutions

SPX FLOW Hydraulic Technologies offers a variety of custom hydraulic solutions to meet your applications needs.  We provide custom hydraulic torque wrenches, bottle jacks and other tools; in addition to customizable hydraulic pumps, cylinders, and lifting solutions for a variety of applications.  Our custom hydraulic technologies allow you to have the right product for your application.  Our dedicated engineering and support teams offer a variety of solutions including private labeling, customized controls, unique reservoirs, application-specific solutions and lifting systems.

These customized hydraulic solutions expand across our product offerings on some level. The level of customization can vary between something very simple (such as a packaging or label change) to something very complex such as a custom hydraulic lift system or power unit.

We collaborate with customers through a variety of avenues by providing technical drawings, reviewing schematics, offering engineering consultation, performing engineering design work, CAD modeling, 3D printing, customer visits, and other methods to ensure a successful outcome and customer experience.


Step 1


Our custom hydraulic solution process begins with an inquiry. Utilizing our Contact Us form, an SPX FLOW Hydraulic solutions expert will reach out to the customer.

Contact Us

Step 2


SPX FLOW Hydraulic solutions engineers will work closely with customers to develop the optimal custom hydraulic solutions or tools for a customer’s need.

Step 3


Hydraulic solutions engineers at SPX FLOW will then design technical drawings and schematics of a customized hydraulic technology.

Step 4


Once the schematics are approved, the custom hydraulic solution is then constructed as a prototype, which is then tested and refined for optimal functionality.

Step 5


The custom hydraulic product is then submitted for customer approval. Once approved and delivered, customers are then supported with Hydraulic technologies aftermarket services.