Homogenizer Services

SPX FLOW brand APV has been a pioneer in the field of homogenization with its durable Rannie and Gaulin brand homogenizers for over 100 years. An SPX FLOW Homogenizer solution is customized to meet specific customer needs through the expert engineering prowess of SPX FLOW homogenizer engineers. Based on pioneering technology for the homogenization process, SPX FLOW continues with an on-going research and development program to ensure customers are getting maximum efficiencies and benefits from its solutions. SPX FLOW offers homogenizer services dedicated to extending the life and efficiency of SPX FLOW homogenization solutions.  To ensure we have the best coverage for our customers, we work together with our partners to make sure the right skills are available to support you where and when you need it.

Contact us to talk about the best preventative maintenance strategies and get the most out of your homogenizer over many years to come.


Improved plant flexibility and the protection of your existing investments have been one of our key objectives for years. The refurbishment of critical plant components extends the operating life and can often contribute to improved plant performance, minimize the use of costly resources, such as energy and reduce waste of valuable ingredients. Turn your existing homogenizer into a “like-new” machine by having it reconditioned at one of our approved service centers.


With optimum process performance and reliability built-in - SPX FLOW replacement parts represent remarkable value and reliability. SPX FLOW genuine homogenizer replacement parts are designed to fit the equipment specifically, to optimize performance and reduce wear on the homogenizer. The smallest inconsistency in a homogenizer’s valve or valve seat could affect a product's quality or the production lines output directly.


SPX FLOW's pumps, valves, heat exchangers and homogenizers are at the heart of the process plant. Upgrading your homogenizer can raise performance levels, enhance controls or reduce energy consumption.

Due to how critical the homogenizer is to a production line, an untested upgrade could affect the product. SPX FLOW can test homogenizers within the controlled SPX FLOW Innovation Centers. SPX FLOW Innovation Center engineers can replicate a customer’s process and product to accurately test and calibrate any proposed homogenizer solutions.


Gaulin Homogenizers

This Gaulin homogenizer maintenance video demonstrates the proper service procedures for replacing packing material as well as removal, inspection and replacement of the homogenizer check valves. Other service procedures in this video include: removing the plunger well safety cover, removing the safety shroud, disassembly, inspection of check valves, removal of the discharge check valve seat, removal of suction check valve seat and installation of new packing.  To order replacement seal kits or tools contact SPX FLOW.

Lab Homogenizer Troubleshooting Guide

See how easy it is to operate our APV-1000/APV-2000 lab homogenizer. APV-1000/APV-2000 are high pressure homogenizers dedicated for R&D laboratories. Although simple to operate, minor functional trouble might occur that can easily be remedied. This video demonstrates how to quick fix 4 common and easily solved issues: no flow, erratic pressure, no pressure, plunger leakage.  Contact SPX FLOW for additional troubleshooting guidance.


Silkeborg, Denmark

The SPX FLOW Innovation Center in Silkeborg, Denmark is focused on supporting the food and beverage industry. However, the Silkeborg innovation center houses homogenization solutions that can support a range of applications and process types. The testing environment is also deeply integrated into a digital controls system to accurately report and analyze homogenizer performance.

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Mamirolle, France

The Mamirolle, France SPX FLOW Innovation Center specializes in the development of fresh dairy products. Located within the French National Dairy School (ENIL) the Innovation Center is comprised of 2 separate pilot plants, each featuring homogenization technologies.

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