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Fluid mixing is a key operation in the design of many processes. Proper impeller selection allows for an optimized mixer selection by minimizing both power and torque. Minimizing power will lead to a lower annual cost to operate the mixer. While minimizing torque will typically lead to a lower initial investment cost. The impeller generates a flow pattern within the vessel and imparts energy to the fluid. How an impeller accomplishes both will affect the process result (whether it be blending two fluids together or suspending solids). Not all impellers perform at a similar level of efficiency even though they may look similar in design. The performance capability of flow impellers can be compared by an evaluation of flow efficiency.

CFD Software

Computational Fluid Dynamics software or CFD software is integrated into the SPX FLOW fluid mixing development process as a predictive system. CFD software creates a model of the industrial mixing solution’s performance over a range of time taking into account a number of variables. SPX FLOW uses CFD software to develop a lasting highly functional industrial mixing process custom-designed for the production line the process is in. SPX FLOW application engineers develop an accurate simulation of the designed mixing solution within the customer’s solutions and tank size to create a precise test of the performance of the mixer within a controlled system.  

Laser Doppler Velocimetry

Laser Doppler Velocimetry is the projection of a laser beam through a flow system to accurately measure the doppler shift within the mixing process to measure absolute velocity. SPX FLOW implements Laser Doppler Velocimetry to measure the flow rate and performance of custom-designed industrial mixing solutions. The measure of velocity within a mixers flow is vital to the development of textured, specific product consistencies. SPX FLOW mixing application engineers can help construct, test and integrate the effect of varying velocities on a process’s end product.

Clean Edge Impellers

Unique blade design resists ragging, making it suitable for low viscosity applications where ragging material is present. Produces strong axial flow in low viscosity fluids with similar flow/power performance as an A510 hydrofoil.

Sawtooth Impellers

The R500 is a sawtooth impeller providing the highest shear of any impeller available. The R500 typically requires an additional impeller (A310/A200) to provide the necessary flow to blend the tank’s contents. The R510, a bar turbine, provides high shear while developing additional flow to circulate the tank’s contents. Both impellers are recommended for high shear applications with elements that are difficult to disperse.

Low Level Impellers

Generates an asymmetric flow pattern in the tank bottom, swirling the tank’s contents in order to remove slurry from the tank while minimizing solids buildup. Lower torque requirements with improved performance over more traditional paddles and pitch blade turbines.

Custom Impeller Design

SPX FLOW and the Lightnin and Plenty brands have long supported full-service industrial mixing support. In today’s business environment of “doing more with less,” often leaves local operation resources stretched or eliminated. At Lightnin, we recognized this and have increased the level of process support available to our customers. Evaluation and resolution of our customers’ mixing issues is core to the SPX FLOW brand. The SPX FLOW Global Mixing Lab enables this support to be efficiently executed to minimize your costs. Lightnin and Plenty process engineers will evaluate your existing mixer design and process goals to determine opportunities for improvement. Our process development team will then partner with your technical group to reduce the time and expense for developing new mixer applications. SPX FLOW can assist in the specification of mixer design, tank internals, feed stream locations, and product draw-off position to optimize your operation. With extensive experience in scaling up lab designs, achieving full-scale performance is a vital SPX FLOW capability.