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SPX FLOW’s scraped surface heat exchanger services are dedicated to extending the operational lifetime of the equipment. The SPX FLOW scraped surface heat exchangers aftermarket services are based on the replacement, maintenance and retooling of heat transfer systems. However, SPX FLOW heat transfer engineers advise general day to day maintenance procedures be set in place to more effectively extend the life of purchased equipment.

Product Tube Refurbishment

The SPX FLOW Tube Refurbishment Program for the Scraped Surface Heat Exchanger is an important aftermarket service that ensures the safe and effective use of Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers in many applications. Tube refurbishment services include inspecting, cleaning, honing, polishing, rechroming, testing and documenting by qualified SPX FLOW personnel to determine the minimum wall thickness required to maintain the rated internal (product side) and external (jacket side) pressures in alignment with ASME guidelines.

The cornerstone of this program is maintaining pressure vessel integrity in compliance with all local, state and federal laws. Alterations or repairs must be made in accordance with ASME code minimum wall thickness requirements and ASME certification of repair facility and weld procedures. Failure to adhere to ASME code can result in explosions or implosions during operation, which could lead to personal injury or even loss of life. Additionally, risks of non-ASME refurbishment include damage to plant utility systems, product loss due to contamination, destruction of the heat exchanger and potential non-compliance with regulatory agencies and insurance companies.

Tube refurbishment services are vital to the successful operation of SPX FLOW heat exchanger equipment throughout its entire lifecycle. Our program offers various elements that enable customers to actively participate in the service function of their equipment by providing a self-inspection at the plant level to avoid unnecessary shipping and crating costs, as well as unnecessary labor and spent time on tube assessments that are outside of ASME parameters. Once the prescribed measurements are recorded and transmitted to SPX FLOW, a final disposition of the tube will be assigned and reported as passed or failed. Upon final disposition the customer is eligible for discounts or credits towards new or future refurbishments as well as credits applied toward new tube replacements or other SPX FLOW products manufactured in Delavan, Wisconsin, USA.

Our objective is to restore your heat exchanger tube both internally and externally for optimal mechanical and thermal performance. Typically, the inner tube diameter is honed to renew the surface finish so that scraper blade can perform as intended. Some tubes undergo a rechroming process to provide a thin, hardened, protective surface to utilize metal scraper blades for certain applications. Next, the outer surface of the tube may require some repairs to spirals and cover, as well as cleaning to restore the thermal performance. Finally, the tube is hydrotested over time on both internally and externally to ASME requirements, and with documentation. Complete your SSHE Tube Self-Inspection today.

The Tube Refurbishment Program includes a Ready-To-Ship element that is designed to provide a rapid response for customers when the inspection process reveals a failed tube that is critical to the operation. SPX FLOW has selected our most popular tube configurations to be included in dedicated inventory for the purpose to assist our customers get their scraped surface heat exchanger back in operation quickly.

Service Contracts

SPX FLOW offers service contracts to help customers address maintenance needs before potential failures can occur. Minimizing downtime is paramount to industrial lean operating.

A SPX FLOW Preventative Maintenance Service Agreement (PMSA) assures that your SPX FLOW equipment receives the attention of factory trained, technical service representatives. They bring their expertise on-site to help you maintain optimal heat exchanger performance.

Genuine Spare Parts

SPX FLOW offers original, factory-calibrated spare parts for SPX FLOW scraped surface heat exchangers. These OEM spare parts are designed to ensure continued performance and reliability of the scraped-surface heat exchanger and are made to the exact same or higher standards as the original equipment. With equipment designed to 3-A or EHEDG standards, it is especially important to use OEM parts to maintain the desired standard for the processing system.


Although original spare parts may have a higher price tag than supposedly equivalent parts from alternative manufacturers, there is a reason for this: An OEM part is designed to protect equipment and processes, and its total cost of ownership could be significantly less than the seemingly cheaper option. Indeed, the quick savings made from the purchase of non-OEM parts could well turn into a huge cost that threatens not only the equipment but the overall process, food safety and, ultimately, product brand. The repercussions could be very expensive and long-lived.


Factory processes often adapt, changing the needed specifications of the in-place heat exchanger. SPX FLOW aftermarket services include heat exchanger upgrades to retool the effectiveness of the integrated equipment. Upgrading allows SPX FLOW application engineers to expand the scope of a scraped surface heat exchanger to fit the factory’s modern needs.

Redesigning Services

SPX FLOW research and development teams utilize innovation centers and testing labs to consistently design cutting edge custom process solutions. As an end user’s processing needs evolve, designing heat transfer solutions to fit these changing needs is an SPX FLOW core competency. SPX FLOW’s multiple global Innovation and Design Centers allow for the application testing to ensure the right heat exchanger is selected for your application and to validate real-world heat exchanger performance.

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