Plant-Based: Designing the Process Line

DATE: Oct, 26, 2023 @ Oct, 26, 2023
INDUSTRY: Plant-Based Processing
How to Build Sustainability Into Your Plant-Based Processes Join us virtually as host Pranav Shah introduces how to build sustainability into plant-based process lines.   This webinar will focus on how to optimize flexibility, sustainability, innovation, and lead time across your plant-based process line. It will also cover the advantages of using our Innovation Center for trials. We will run through examples of oat beverage plant design, showcase how other processing lines are designed and what solutions SPX FLOW offers. This webinar will give a high level of information for decision-makers who want to get an idea and feel of plant-based technologies within 20 mins. The last 10 mins are kept for questions and answers. The speaker will be available after the webinar for detailed discussions as needed via emails or by phone/teams/face-to-face meetings.   During this webinar, you will learn:   How to optimize flexibility, sustainability, innovation, and lead time in plant-based beverage process line  The advantages of using Innovation Centers for trails