Whitening Lactose Sustainably

DATE: Oct, 12, 2023 @ Oct, 12, 2023
LOCATION: Virtual Event
INDUSTRY: Dairy Processing
BRAND: Anhydro
Start: Live webinar 10AM BST / 11AM CEST End: Live webinar 10:30 AM BST / 11:30PM CEST Join us virtually as host Michael Christensen introduces SPX FLOW's latest breakthrough, the Anhydro® BlueLight™ Whitening System. Revolutionizing powder processing for nutrition and beverage manufacturers, this sustainable technology meets the growing demand for lighter-coloured powder in an eco-friendly way. During this webinar, you will learn: - How BlueLight can reduce colouring in powders in a novel, more sustainable way - Key benefits of BlueLight - BlueLight in action Register