Butter Bulk Packer type BP5000

Product Type(s) : Butter Bulk Packer
Description :

Meeting the latest standards for operator safety and food hygiene, the Butter Bulk Packer offers an efficient solution for fully automatic packaging of butter into carton sizes ranging from 10 kg to 25 kg. Ideal for use with various butter products, the machine also handles crystalized vegetable fat, anhydrous milk fat (AMF), dairy spreads, cream cheese, pastry, and other crystalized products.



The butter bulk packer is a flexible technology designed to meet market demands for high-quality products with low-cost production and increased uptime. Engineered for enhanced safety and ease of operation, the butter wrapping machine has a compact footprint for easy maintenance and operation.  

  • Designed for use with a liner (wrap around), not plastic bags
  • Designed for use of with an external carton former that can be placed outside the production area


Higher Operator Safety and Food Hygiene

  • Meets the latest European safety standards
  • Close of liner before carton leaves machine – butter is not exposed to free air outside the machine reducing the risk of airborne yeast and mold contamination    
  • Cover above liner roll  
  • Designed for use with a clean air filter (option) for higher product safety than required by today’s industry minimums. The clean air filter provides clean air around the product filling area.   
  • Transparent, noise reducing safety doors for safety and ease of use 
  • Integrated working platform for service and maintenance  


Maximum Output, Minimal Waste

  • Highly-efficient and flexible packing machine with easy operation for more uptime  
  • Easy change over from e.g. 10 kg to 25 kg  
  • One simple step from filling to liner closing  
  • Fine dosing by injection – no “extra” butter added on top surface  
  • Control of filling pressure avoids void corners  
  • Sensors ensure correct position of liner before filling  
  • Accurate filling +/- 5 gram (std. deviation) during continuous operation  
  • A "twin" machine solution allows for continuous operation at approx. 45%-line capacity when/if one machine is in stop mode  
  • To increase bulk packaging capacity, number of filling modules can be placed parallel to cartons transported to and from the individual modules  
  • Easy change of liner roll   
  • Easy to hose down the machine for cleaning  
  • Flexible in production layout  
  • Servo motors used for most operations / motions on the machine  
  • Easy service and maintenance  
  • Fault diagnostic system for easy service and maintenance which increases uptime  
  • Designed with a dedicated position for specific tools, CIP hoses etc. to save time during CIP and maintenance 

As a standard, the butter packaging machine is delivered with a Siemens S7-1500 PLC. A touchscreen as HMI with Aveva InTouch ensures easy control and smooth operator interface. Fully automated, the control system monitors the complete process and stores data for each carton filled during the production.   All production data can be viewed on the control panel (HMI) and exported to an external system in CVS file format, or through SPX FLOW vertical integration to an existing control system. The PLC system also controls the internal CIP process of the Bulk Packer via communication with the external CIP system.  Designed to minimize downtime, the control system provides an easy fault-finding protocol that indicates where on the machine an operator or service engineer should look should a fault arise.   

Remote Monitoring Solution

To reduce downtime and lower maintenance costs, the butter packing machine comes standard with the SPX FLOW Remote Monitoring and Control Solution; a system developed by Secomea which enables SPX FLOW engineers to take control of HMI/PC stations and program PLCs remotely. This solution is a secure facility with all connections established based on a X.509 certificate exchange, all data AES encrypted, and user access controlled by a two-step authentication. 

Options Include

Clean air filter

Theory of Operation

How it works

  1. The flat cartons in the carton former magazine are unfolded automatically and taped at the bottom before leaving the carton former.
  2. The carton is then transported on belt conveyor(s) to the inlet of the Bulk Packer where the internal transport system takes over.
  3. When the carton arrives at the filling position, a sheet of plastic liner or parchment is cut and placed precisely under the filling head. Sensors indicate correct position of the liner material before it is folded around the filling head and inserted into the carton. Butter is then filled into the lined carton to a weight below the requested net weight.
  4. The pre-filled carton is then moved to an integrated scale and topped up with butter to the requested weight. The final dosing is carried out by an injector which is inserted into the butter below the surface leaving no butter lumps on the surface. The Butter Packing Machine has an integrated PLC system which continuously monitors the pre-filling and final weights to ensure optimum results.
  5. The final step before the carton leaves the Bulk Packer is closing of the liner and tamper seal. This ensures that there is only one step in the filling process when butter is exposed to free air. The carton closer and top tape sealer is placed at outlet of Bulk Packer.
Key Applications
  • Butter  
  • Milk fat  
  • Anhydrous milk fat (AMF)  
  • Dairy  
  • Cream treatment  
  • Spreadable butter  
  • Whipped butter  
  • Butter reworking  



Up to 5,000 kg/hour when running 25 kg bulks (one filling module)  

Up to 10,500 kg/hour when running 25 kg bulks (two filling modules)