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Kombinator® SHCW - Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

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Heat Exchangers / Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers

The Gerstenberg Schröder Kombinator® 250 SHCW is a compact, high-capacity, high-pressure scraped surface heat exchanger. It is designed for the pasteurization of mainly low-fat spread emulsions which contain a high amount of protein and stabilizers to avoid fouling of the emulsion on the inner surface of the tubes and allow for longer and more efficient production time. It provides high performance, minimal downtime, and easy maintenance.


The Kombinator® 250 SHCW is designed to meet market demand for high-quality products with low-cost production.

The Kombinator SHCW  is available as a short version (250S), and a long version (250L), and consists of one or two steam heated tubes and a double-walled, water-cooled cooling coil (tubular heat exchanger) for higher cooling efficiency. It can use cooling water, chilled water, brine, glycol, steam, or hot water as the cooling/heating medium. Each tube is equipped with automatic temperature regulation for accurate adjustment of the heating temperature.  The design is robust, reliable and built to last in order to meet our customers’ wide ranging product requirements.  The Kombinator 250 SHCW is designed according to PED pressure regulations.

Function and Principles of Operation
The product is pumped into the heating tubes where it is heated to pasteurization temperature by steam. The constant centrifugal forces generated during rotation press the scrapers in the rotor system against the heating tube. This ensures excellent heat transfer as well as efficient scraping of the emulsion from the interior tube surface. The emulsion is then cooled in the cooling coil situated above the heating tubes. The double tube coil is cooled with water on the outside as well on the inside of the tube wall for quick and efficient cooling of the emulsion.

Up to 8.8 t/hour


  • Constant high product quality and consistency.
  • Hygienic design suitable for the food industry. All product contacting parts are made in stainless steel AISI 316.
  • Completely sealed, fully insulated, corrosion-free stainless steel casing guarantees years of trouble-free operation.
  • Special, corrugated  multi-layer chilling tubes provide long, cost effective uptimes and improved heat transmission values while preventing internal build-up of compressor oil.
  • Heating tubes can be easily inspected and replaced.
  • Heating temperature in each individual tube is automatically regulated for accurate temperature profile control of the product.
  • Different rotor diameters adapt to the required holding time and flow speed.
  • All rotors are equipped with separate motors to adapt the scraping rate to the viscosity and product to obtain the best heat transfer results.
  • Rotor shaft speeds are variable as each shaft is driven by a separate gear motor.
  • Wide range of scrapers in different materials and shaped for best cooling results depending on viscosity and application formula.
  • Minimum downtime as CIP cycles are fast and efficient, and maintenance procedures are simple.
  • Low energy, cast iron gear box yields maximum power while keeping noise levels to a minimum.
  • Double tube coil cooled with water on the outside as well on the inside of the tube wall for quick and efficient cooling of the emulsion.
Key Applications

Fats and Oils Industry
Margarine products that require pasteurization i.e.

  • Margarine with high content of protein and stabilizers
  • Low fat spread emulsions with high content of protein and stabilizers.
Yellow fat technologies GB
GS Kombinator® 250SHCW GS-207 GB
Application Sheets
Pasteurization and remelting of low fat products GB
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Margarine production GB
Puff pastry based on palm oil GB
Reduced and low fat spreads GB