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SmartLogic Process Control System

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Crystallization Equipment / Control Systems & Panels

The Gerstenberg Schröder SmartLogicTM process control system monitors and controls simple to complete margarine and shortening manufacturing process lines with one automation concept.


Take Control of Your Margarine and Shortening Production with GS SmartLogicTM

Increase uptime, enhance energy efficiency, and achieve consistent product quality with the GS SmartLogicTM Process Control System. Our user-friendly automation system empowers margarine and shortening manufactures to regulate, record, and document essential parameters with ease. By ensuring a consistent manufacturing environment, you can achieve the same high-quality product every single time. Fine-tune critical variables such as recipe formulation, capacity, product pressure and temperatures at specific process stages for optimal results.


Effortless Process Control and System Flexibility

The GS SmartLogicTM Process Control System provides a visual representation of your margarine and shortening production process through interactive mimic diagrams. Easily navigate and monitor your product's journey from start to finish. Adjustments to your production are a breeze, with recipe creation and recipe modifications as well as the introduction of new alternatives without the need for complex reprogramming. Fine-tune parameters effortlessly using our flexible recipe editor, boosting productivity and ensuring consistent product quality. Enjoy maximum flexibility in monitoring and control. Operate the system from a single or multiple operating stations, or opt for our client-server configuration, allowing remote monitoring from various locations via a local network or the internet.

Efficient Recipe Handling

Store batch and production parameters effortlessly. Our intuitive data entry search feature ensures fast retrieval, while recipe editing directly from your browser (exclusive to GS SmartLogicTM Professional) simplifies the process. Generate detailed batch, production, and CIP reports for valuable insights and rapid issue resolution.


Maximize Uptime

Maintain maximum uptime with the GS SmartLogicTM Process Control System. Built-in operator and service manuals provide easy access to maintenance support. Simplified spare parts management and a predictive maintenance system based on usage minimize unplanned downtime.

Identify and resolve faults quickly with our network diagnostic tool, ensuring uninterrupted operations. In case of corrective maintenance, our team of SPX FLOW specialists is readily available to monitor your process remotely. Through a modem or an internet connection, we can provide prompt assistance and support to keep your operations running smoothly.


Waste Control and Energy Efficiency

Minimize product loss and energy consumption with precise control over your margarine and shortening production process. Enjoy a consistent manufacturing environment that eliminates errors. Detailed documentation helps you identify and correct any issues swiftly, saving you time and money while ensuring consistent product quality.

The GS SmartLogicTM Process Control System has three versions: Basic, Advanced and Professional. Choose the version that suits your needs and gain full control over your processes.

Key Applications

Fats & Oils Industry

  • Butter blends
  • Margarine
  • Shortening

Processed Foods Industry

  • Mayonnaise
  • Ketchup
  • Dressings
  • Sauces
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