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TopGear Bloc - Internal Gear Pump

Product Type:
Pumps / Internal Gear Pumps

The new Johnson Pump TopGear Bloc close-coupled gear pumps in cast iron and stainless steel utilize the proven hydraulics of the TopGear range. For low/medium-viscous, clean and non-abrasive liquids.


The new TopGear Bloc pumps run on direct drive motor speed, offering an economical solution for pumping low viscous, non-abrasive media. The compact design allows quick and easy installation in areas where available space is restricted.

No manual alignment of pump and motor is required.

  • CE Certified

Technical Data

Casing: Cast Iron and Stainless Steel
Idler: Hardened Steel or Nitrided Stainless Steel
Rotor: Nodular Iron or Stainless Steel
Max. capacity: 50 m3/h (220 GPM)
Max. differential pressure: 16 bar (232 psi)
Max. temperature: 180°C (356°F)
Max. viscosity: 7 500 mPas/cP
Drawings & Models

TG Bloc 15-50 Stainless Steel 3D STP zip
TG Bloc 15-50 Cast Iron 3D STP zip

TG Bloc 23-65 Stainless Steel 3D STP zip
TG Bloc 23-65 Cast Iron 3D STP zip

TG Bloc 58-80 Stainless Steel 3D STP zip
TG Bloc 58-80 Cast Iron 3D STP zip

TG Bloc-86-100-Stainless-Steel-3D-STP zip
TG Bloc 86-100 Cast Iron 3D STP zip
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