80 Series - Medium Torque Top Entering Mixer For Arduous duties

Product Type(s) : Top Entry Mixers
Description :

The most specified and most proven mechanical design technology in the world makes Lightnin Series 80 Mixers ideal for a wide range of applications.



Thousands of Lightnin Mixers with hollow quill drives have been placed in service since we first created the design in the late 1960s to protect the gear train from severe flexures of the shaft. The exclusive hollow quill became part of the Series 80 mixers at that time. Since then, the design has written a singular record for isolating shaft flexures and assuring longer life in some of the toughest applications imaginable. Series 80 mixers are especially recommended for processes with high fluid forces on the impellers and long impeller shaft applications. Gearing is the same as used in our Series 70 and 500 mixers. Altogether, there are tens of thousands of these drives at work every day around the world. It’s our standard and the standard of the industry.

80 Series Mixers

  • Available with motor pedestals up to 30kw (40hp) to ensure motor alignment. Motor brackets are available for all sizes.
  • Exclusive hollow quill drive protects the gear train from severe shaft flexure.
  • Bearings are sized far beyond AGMA requirements for long service life
  • Mechanical seals feature a cartridge design for easy, convenient replacement.
  • Helical change gears are easy to replace to meet new processing requirements.
  • Available in 0.75kw to 150kw (1hp to 200hp) with speeds from 9 to 280 rpm
  • Self-setting seals
  • All guarding meets OSHA and CE requirements and available options meet ATEX standards
  • Lightnin Series 80 mixers cover the range from 1 kW – 150 kW (1-200 hp). They are available in both double and triple reduction gearing and come in a full range of standard AGMA speeds from 280 down to 16.5 rpm.
  • Series 80 mixers offer a full choice of impellers in order to optimize your process results. Included are the high-flow A310/A510, as well as other high performance and more traditional impellers, so we can match shear and flow to your process requirements exactly.
  • Together, we decide what mixing should do to optimize your process. Then, we recommend the impeller, mixer speed, shaft length, and other specifications. And we guarantee performance results.
  • Tested 100%: We employ a non-load test run on every Series 80 before it is shipped.


Open Tank Models

Series 80 models for open tanks require minimum headroom to simplify installation.


As part of our commitment to our Customers and their operations, SPX FLOW has introduced LightninLube™, a range of gear oil for our Lightnin Mixers. It is available to order with your new equipment or as a maintenance item throughout the life of your equipment. LightninLube is manufactured to AGMA Standard 8005-D94. Our synthetic oils are designed to give you a wide operating range and are available in ISO 100, ISO 150, ISO 220 and ISO 320 grades.