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Compact Series - Medium Torque Top Entering Mixer

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Mixers & Agitators / Top Entry Mixers

Compact Series mixers offer great value and high performance for the Water, Mining and Chemical Industries.


The Compact Series Mixers by Lightnin has been introduced for use in North and South America. The Compact Series mixer drive offers great value. It has the same high-performance mixing performance and guarantee as you do for all our mixers, but at an affordable price.

It is important to us that we continue to design and build our own Gearboxes; by doing this we can ensure that all the loads produce mixing your product for your application can be accommodated. We are proud to own our designs.

With its simplified design the Compact series benefits from a reduced footprint when you compare the gearbox against our other purpose-built agitator gearboxes for equal torque capacity. This reduced footprint makes the unit easier to install and reduces the weight on your support structure. We’ve also made the design accommodate either a double or triple reduction without changing the casting, so no change of footprint for change of speed in the same gearbox size. Reduced weight and loads can help save money on support infrastructure.

Your mixing performance remains unchanged as you still have access to the key Lightnin impellers that serve your applications.


The Compact Series mixer drive is specifically built for mixer applications, this ensures a high strength design to accommodate high loads. The design is simple and yet still houses a true dry well to prevent loss of lubrication in to mixed products.

  • Range covers 0.75kW to 55kW (1HP to 75HP) with a range of shaft speeds from 13 rpm to 155rpm
  • IEC or NEMA flanged motors for simple, reliable worry-free maintenance. Motors can be select to suit your Legislative and regional requirements including ATEX or XP.
  • True Dry Well cast into gearbox so lubrication is contained without seals, gaskets or orings
  • Simplified design that limits gear deflection and bearing loads, this is for low noise and long life
  • Direct to beam mounting with bolting holes cast into the gearbox casing
  • Simple lubrication exchange with our oversized fill hole and direct oil fill marking in the gearbox so you do not need to use a dip stick repeatedly to have the correct fill level
  • Lightnin Impeller select to partner Compact Series in markets: A510, A200, A320, Clean Edge and R100.

Theory Of Operation

Lightnin Compact Series

The Mining and Water markets will predominantly use open tank mixers.

The Compact Series has feet integral to the casting for the gearbox, adapter plates can be provided to fit your existing structures to help you swap out older equipment.

Additionally, we have reduced the number of parts in the gearbox when compared with the Series 10, this reduction in complexity also helps simplify and reduces maintenance time.

 A single mechanical seal is available as well as a simple lip seal, which will be accommodated in a simple low height pedestal. These are suitable for use in the general Chemical Process applications.


The Compact Series is available with the following options to suit your applications.

  • Open tank mounting with cast in mounting bolt holes; set the angle at 7° or 10° with angle risers that can help to eliminate the need for baffles in the mixing vessel
  • Open tank mounting with pedestal support to allow for simple lubrication emptying directly into a 20L (5 Gal.) bucket. This pedestal also helps move the gearbox away from elevated temperatures or high moisture areas
  • Lip Seal / Face Seal for odour containment and to prevent ingress into the mixing vessel
  • Mechanical Seal for pressure containment, matched to a variety of flanged options. FV to 6Barg, -20°C to +120°C, Single Mechanical Seal, SiCvC, Viton elastomers
  • Steady Bearings: Tripod of Flange


Compact Series - Medium Torque Top Entering Mixer
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