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MagMixer MBE Series Bottom Entry MagMixer

Product Type:
Mixers And Blenders / Magnetic Mixers

The Lightnin bottom-entry MagMixer® MBE prevents contamination in pharmaceutical and biotechnology processing and storage applications. It offers a wide power range to suit small or large tank volumes.


Lightnin – MBE MagMixer®

The MBE Series mixers are suitable for blending, dissolving solids and solid suspension making them suitable for use in Pharmaceutical, Bio-technology, Food & Beverage and Home Care & Personal Care applications.

Your mixing performance remains unchanged as you still have access to the key Lightnin impellers that serve your applications.

  • Wide power range 0.09kW to 7.5kW (0.12Hp to 7.5Hp) making the MBE suitable for a wide range of applications and tank volumes up to 50,000L (13,200 Usgal)
  • High bearing gap and lift design to allow product to pass through and lubricate the sleeve bearing. CIP and SIP are easily achieved.
  • High torque co-axial magnetic coupling with decoupling mechanism on large sizes
  • All in-tank materials meet USP Class VI standards
  • Fully SIP or CIP by flooding or spray ball
  • Can be run dry for complete drainage during Clean in Place (CIP) cycles
  • Gear-motor with variable speed capability
  • FDA compliant Food-grade Epoxy paint
  • 316SS wetted parts polished and electro-polished to 0.5mRa (20µinRa) as standard or better on request. High alloys available.
  • Available with Lightnin's QAD validation support package


Design Features & Functions of Bottom-Mounted Magnetic Agitators


  • Zirconium oxide inner bearing: less risk of breakage, resistant to damage by sudden settling of the rotor
  • Silicon carbide outer bearing: with channels in the face side for better lubrication of the bottom contact surface and enhanced cleaning (CIP)
  • Run-dry capability with the rotor type MBE: Magnetic lifting of the impeller reduces the load on the bearing surface so that the agitator can be kept running while the vessel is emptied (mixing down to the last drop)


Agitators size from MBE200 and upwards are supplied with a special lowering mechanism that withdraws the drive magnet out of the containment shell.


Controlled removal and safe insertion of the impeller due to withdrawl of the drive magnet. The drive unit remains in position while the magnetic drive rotor is lowered out of the containment shell. Avoids damage to the ceramic bearings. Improved safety: The device protects against the crushing hazard involved in placing the agitator head on the bearing, and thus meets the demand of the EC Machinery Directive for designed protection against injury.


As an alternative to a version with a flange for welding into the vessel, the agitator can be supplied with a removable containment shell. This can facilitate maintenance. This practical Plug-In solution is becoming more popular and makes it easier to switch from shaft-driven agitators with mechanical seals to magnetic agitators.


As well as mechanical polishing to two levels, we also electropolish as standard so that we can meet the growing demand for the highest possible surface quality.

Theory of Operation


The big advantage of Lightnin’s magnetic agitator is the complete separation of the interior of the tank from the outside. In contrast to conventional agitators, there is no shaft penetrating the tank and therefore no mechanical seal. This eliminates the risks of leaks and microbial contamination and the need for special maintenance that are associated with conventional agitators. We have developed our magnetic agitators with special emphasis on optimizing their cleanability, which is essential for sterile processes. The MBE Series conforms to EC 1935 and AMSE BPE confirming the design of these agitators are qualified for such applications.

Bottom-mounted magnetic agitators are state of the art for low-viscosity liquids in pharmaceutical and biotechnology production. The compact design, low maintenance and high reliability guarantee trouble-free production. Using a bottom-mounted agitator also frees up space on the tank lid for sensors, valves and sight glasses.

Key Applications

Fine Chemicals

Dairy, Food & Beverage


Personal Care


The MBE Series is available with the following options to suit your applications:

  • ATEX 2G compliance for hazardous area use, NEMA XP options available.
  • Stainless Steel gear motor drive options
  • High Alloy 904L, AL6XN wetted part options
  • Alternative bearing and o'ring combinations
  • Plug-in module available to simplify complete removal of equipment for COP (Clean-out-of Place) procedures and for easier maintenance


Reliable and easy to maintain 


The Plug In flange is also available with a large-diameter flange which allows the whole agitator head to be extracted from the vessel through the bottom opening.


Sometimes a problem inside the tank or an operating error can lead to forces on the agitator head that exceed the maximum transmissible torque, so that the magnetic coupling decouples. In this situation the agitator head stops turning although the drive is still running. To monitor this issue, we offer an optional contact-free
rpm sensor for the agitator head.


Attaching the drive with a TriClamp fitting enables it to be removed quickly without tools, eg: when using the agitator with an autoclavable tank. As another alternative, bayonet fittings are also possible.


An optional tool for the removable containment shell (Plug In). The tool enables the containment shell to be removed from the tank easily and gently.



Welded in Tank Plate - Tank plate welded to vessel by customer, Mixer bolts to plate, impeller sits on tank plate bearing post
Plug in Tank Plate - Modified tank plate welded to vessel by customer, Mixer with coupling and bearing inserts into tank plate, Impeller sits on bearing


Lightnin MBE Series MagMixer
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Sanitary Mixers (B-966) EN
MagMixer MBE Series (B-971) EN