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MagMixer MBI - SanStar Sanitary Mixer

Product Type:
Mixers And Blenders / Magnetic Mixers

The Lightnin bottom-entry MagMixer MBI prevents contamination in food, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and personal care processing and storage applications.

Process and storage applications include plasma fractions, vaccines, injectables, media suspensions, bugger prep, cell culture and beverage blending.

  • Patented dry running Hyper-Flo bearing design, one-piece tank plate and flow-through channels, totally eliminating contamination concerns. 
  • Independent tests concluded the MagMixer MBI is easier to clean than competitive products, especially in applications involving sticky, hard-to-clean soils.
  • All in-tank materials meet USP Class VI standards
  • Fully SIP or CIP using spray-only or immersion protocols.
  • Can be run dry for complete drainage during Clean in Place (CIP) cycles
  • Bearings can be easily removed for Clean Out of Place (COP) or maintenance
  • Bearings are impact-resistant; will not break during rough handling
  • Gear-motor with variable speed capability
  • Washdown inverter duty gear motor standard
  • Available with LIGHTNIN's QAD validation support package
  • Backed by LIGHTNIN's 100% process guarantee


Theory of Operation

The Lightnin MagMixer™ MBI sets the standard for cleanability, durability and performance in food, pharmaceutical,  biotech and personal care applications.Features include a dry-running Hyper-Flo™ bearing design, one-piece tank  plate and flow-through channels, totally eliminating contamination concerns. These technologically-advanced mixers are fast-becoming the critic’s choice for sanitary processing and storage applications – including plasma fractions, vaccines, injectables, media suspensions, buffer prep, cell culture and beverage blending.

A standard for Cleanability, Durability and Performance 


• 3 bladed 316L Stainless Steel
• Hyper-Flo™ bearing design
• 20 µ-inch Ra finish with EP standard (optional 10 µ-inch Ra finish with EP)
Tank Plate
• 316L SS one-piece tank plate
• Certificate of Compliance and Mill Certificate shipped with each tank plate
• Surface finish per customer specification (32 µ-inch Ra minimum)
Drive Assembly
• .25 - .75 kW (1/3 - 1 HP)
• Lightweight aluminum alloy IP56 reducer with integral motor
• Washdown duty drive, with FDA approved lubricant 1.25 AGMA SF
• IEC or NEMA washdown motor
• 316SS pedestal with Tri-Clamp fitting
• Optional: 300-Series stainless steel drive available
Motor Options
• IP55 (washdown), 56C TEFC, Single-phase, 115V, 50 or 60 Hz, DC
• AC washdown duty, TENV stainless motor with inverter
• All stainless steel motor
• XP C&D inverter duty motor
• NEMA 4/12 SCR controller
Custom Options
• High alloy, non-ferrous tank plate and impeller
• Tank plates for jacketed vessels
• Tachometer
• White epoxy or stainless steel paint




The Lightnin MagMixer MBI is an extension of the MagMixer MBI family. This small footprint design further establishes the series for its benchmark cleanability, durability and performance in pharmaceutical and biotechnology applications. This exceptionally versatile mixer is suitable for solutions in open and closed tanks from 20 liters (5 gal.)

MagMixer MBI (B-953) US
MagMixer MBI 205 (B-907) US
Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Sanitary Mixers (B-966) US