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New Seamless Infusion Vessel Helps Increase Runtime and Yield in UHT Systems

The design results in more sustainable operations, less waste and more product output

Charlotte, N.C., January 31, 2024 – SPX FLOW’s APV brand has released the Seamless Infusion VesselTM to help UHT (Ultra High Temperature) infusion systems have longer running times, less product waste and more yield. Dairy, plant-based and beverage producers often struggle with product fouling or buildup during UHT processing. The Seamless Infusion Vessel can help and, in turn, increase efficiency and system performance.

Learn more about the APV Seamless Infusion Vessel here:

UHT infusion systems process many popular products, including dairy (milk, cream and ice cream), plant-based beverages (soy, oat and almond drinks) and specialized nutrition foods (liquid meals, protein drinks and infant formula).

Benefits of the Seamless Infusion Vessel

Instead of the traditional clamp connection, the seamless connection links the vessel bottom and pump housing in UHT infusion systems without a sealing gasket and has better water-cooling on the pump casing and impeller. This results in:

  • No product build-up and decreased product loss: With less fouling, there are fewer stoppages for CIP (Cleaning-In-Place), which can take up to two hours per cleaning.
  • Longer production runs before cleaning: Systems have shown 20% longer running time using the Seamless Infusion Vessel. That’s an estimated 100 additional production hours and approximately 1.3 million more liters of milk produced yearly for a 12,000-liter-per-hour plant.
  • Increased system efficiency and overall sustainability: In a plant that can produce 12,000 liters per hour, this means 30 fewer CIP cycles per year, which lowers product waste, energy, water and detergent consumption.


René Nielsen, Global Technical Sales Manager UHT & Integrated Projects:

“Product fouling, and its associated problems, is an area of concern for many of our customers they would like to see improved. We listened, and the Seamless Infusion Vessel was born. The teams at SPX FLOW and our brands, like APV, are committed to continuous innovation to find new ways to meet the needs of our customers. We fulfill these needs by seeking continuous product and design improvement in all aspects of processing systems.”




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