High Solidity Axial Flow Hydrofoil (MHS)

Product Type(s) : Impellers - Axial Flow
Description :

The MHS or High Solidity Hydrofoil impeller provides a wide blade hydrofoil design intended for medium viscosity or transitional-turbulent flow regime blending operations and high concentration solids suspension.



The MHS hydrofoil agitator impeller should be implemented in solids suspension applications when the solids concentration reach a point where the particles influence the slurry viscosity and require an impeller designed for slightly viscous mixing applications.

The MHS Hydrofoil agitator impeller shares efficiency benefits with the LSV in terms of hydraulic efficiency, low power number, and solid suspension performance when compared to a Pitched Blade Turbine (PBT). However, the wider blades and slightly higher power number compared to the LSV also permit it to operate in low viscosity shear thinning slurries and fluids.

For operation in gas dispersion applications utilizing up-pumping configurations, the MHS serves as a secondary dispersing/blending impeller to compliment the lower primary gas dispersing impeller in high gas load applications such as fermenters. In addition, the Hydrofoil impeller can be used in three phase, solid-liquid-gas, mineral applications where relatively low gassing duty and relatively high solids concentration are present.