Non-Newtonian/High Viscosity

Product Type(s) : Impellers - Axial Flow
Description :

The CounterFlow Impeller platform provides break-through impeller technology for complex fluid mixing.



This high viscosity mixer is ideal for blending of different viscosities and processes where the rheology or viscosity evolves over time such as transitions from laminar to turbulent flow in polymerization, or food applications. Transitional and laminar blending applications are a focus, and the CounterFlow provides minimal blend times and excellent product homogeneity. Not all processes start or finish in laminar or transitional flow and often crossing flow regime boundaries is encountered in producing complex fluids. We have specially-designed mixing solutions utilizing the CounterFlow Impeller capable of carrying the process through any viscosity swings and upsets while maintaining optimal blending performance. Laboratory testing of client’s samples is available.

The CounterFlow has also shown excellent performance results in deep laminar flow often reserved for technologies such as helical ribbons and anchor impellers. In specific applications where wall scraping is not required, the CounterFlow mixer design will result in a smaller gearbox and lower power input for superior mixing results. Reynolds numbers on the order of 0.1 have been successfully mixed demonstrating superior performance to Ribbons. Ribbon and anchor impellers require a high degree of structural augmentation to mechanically survive in these applications which can alter the power characteristics. Literature and experience has shown that these technologies require a high degree of mechanical conservatism built in as prediction is difficult. The CounterFlow Impeller System is well understood in all flow regimes and the structural power altering issues of ribbons and anchors do not translate to the CounterFlow Impeller system. The CounterFlow Impeller is a high viscosity mixer that can be accurately designed and implanted in these systems to provide a solution satisfying both the process and economics.