Belt Drive Mixer for Oils & Distillations

Product Type(s) : Side Entry Mixers
Description :

Plenty TMH mixers are a durable range of side entry mixers with an extensive application portfolio for blending, storage, or homogeneity duties.



The Plenty TMH Mixers are compact and durable, providing wide process flexibility with assured results.

  • High efficiency impellers for optimum mixing and power savings
  • Positive shut off device allows mechanical seal and bearing changes under full tank conditions
  • Tooth belt for long life and positive engagement between motor and mixer shaft
  • All 316 stainless steel wetted parts construction
  • Maintenance-free, long life bearings
  • Bearing system minimizes seal deflection
  • Single sleeve mounted mechanical seal
  • 4" ANSI mounting flange and other cover plates are available
  • Power range 1.1 - 5.5 kW / 1.5 - 7.5 HP
  • CE & ATEX 2G certification available

Tank Shut-Off Device and Mechanical Seal A taper to taper metal tank shut-off system ensures that the shaft is positively clamped in the shut-off position such that the contents are prevented from escape while the seal is replaced. Mechanical seals are sleeve mounted for ease of maintenance. The mechanical seal is completely enclosed within a seal housing that also incorporates a back-up seal to restrict leakage in the event of ultimate seal failure. An air release valve is fitted to the seal housing for venting the seal chamber to ensure that it is completely filled with product (liquid) prior to initial and post maintenance start-up. The air release valve is used to prove the shut off is 100% operational before any maintenance work is started.



Side Entry Mixers - TMH Series - PLM-103 US GB