Solids Retaining Clarifiers

Product Type(s) : Clarifiers
Description :

For liquid/solid separation with a very low solids content.



SPX FLOW Seital Separation offers a wide range of solids retaining separators for liquid/solid separation with a very low solids content in the feed (less than 0.2% in volume). This type of separator allows clarification of liquids and the recovery of fine particles (0.5-500 m) by means of a very high peripheral centrifugal field (G-force). The separation process takes place in the bowl of the separator rotating at a high speed.

Theory of Operation

Clarifier bowl

The product flows into the bowl through a feed pipe (1) and into the distributor (2) where it undergoes acceleration until it reaches the bowl’s rotating speed. The distributor (2) then conveys the product to the disk stack (3) where the clarification process takes place. The great number of disks divides the internal space of the bowl into many thin layers making the cleaning process more efficient.

The clarified product flows through the disk stack and reaches the upper chamber of the bowl where a fixed centripetal pump (4) conveys it under pressure to the outlet pipeline (6).

Solids removal

The solids impurities present in the product are collected in the periphery of the bowl (5) where they must be removed manually. If the solid phase is consistent, the solids sedimentation is relatively fast, so the machine must be periodically stopped for the removal. If solids are adhesive and very compact, Seital series separators may be equipped with a collection basket which permits faster removal of relatively dry solids. Valves and instrumentation that are necessary to control and regulate the separator (micro-metric adjusting valves, manometers and sight glasses) are outfitted on inlet and outlet pipelines to ensure proper operation.