SKR Coaxial Shaft Top Entry Mixer

Product Type(s) : Top Entry Mixers
Industries : Chemical Processing
Description :

The SKR coaxial agitator series are high performance agitators equipped with two impeller systems each with an independent drive and control system. The unique design allows for integration of several processes in one unit. Processes with wide ranges of viscosity can be achieved with the SKR series, from water like substances to one million cP. The SKR can also be an alternative to kneaders and blenders.



  • The 2 Drive System enables the combination of different process steps like e.g. blending, suspension, dissolving and heat transfer.
  • Wide range of impeller systems can be adapted to process requirements.
  • Additional lab tests enable us to scale up to full production scale.
  • Sealing systems range from seal rings, to stuffing boxes and high tech double-acting mechanical seals.


Shaft Diameter - 40 - 200 mm

Motor Power - 1,5 - 160 kW