Anti-Siphon Valve

Product Type(s) : Heating Products
Description :

Eliminates the risk of oil leakage in an oil heating system.



A leak in the suction line of an oil installation may cause damage to the environment. The best insurance against a leak is an anti- siphon valve in the suction pipe. Should a leak occur in the suction pipe between the anti-siphon valve and the burner, the valve will prevent the oil in the tank being siphoned off.

Theory of Operation

When the burner is not in operation, a spring assisted piston shuts off the suction pipe between the tank and the succeeding system. Once the pump is switched on, the underlying pressure opens the valve. During the operating time of the burner, the valve remains open. If a leak occurs in the suction pipe, the underlying pressure disappears and the valve is closed.


Flow capacity at pressure loss: max. 200 l/h at 0,04 bar
Connection: 3/8” female thread
Positioning: horizontal
Max. test pressure: 6 bar
Max. operating temperature: +40º C