CR Mixer - Dispersion Equipment

Product Type(s) : In-Line Mixers
Description :

Patented high-shear mixing technology that produces uniform, stable emulsions, dispersions and foams.



Combines product recycling and shear action that can be "tuned" to produce precise effect desired. Varying rotor speed and controlling back pressure at discharge port determine the number of passes the product makes through the mixing zone. For heat-sensitive products (e.g., eggs, latex), incremental mixing moderates temperature rise.

  • Precise, fast, economical mixing
  • Overruns beyond 300%
  • Full control over amount, intensity, duration of mixing, blending, dispersing, beating or whipping action
  • Incremental mixing for heat-sensitive products
  • Process-matched to broad range of products: liquid-liquid, liquid-gas, liquid-solids
  • Ideal for both continuous in-line use or side-arm, sequence use in batch operations