W30 / K30SA Series - Sample and Spring-Loaded Valves

Product Type(s) : Sampling Valves
Description :

W30 series can be used in a wide range of applications and the spring loaded K30SA is commonly mounted on the door of a storage tank.



K30SA Spring-Loaded (Spring-Return) Sample Valve Features:

  • The K30SA is a spring loaded Sample Valve that is commonly mounted on the door of a storage tank.
  • Easy push operation
  • The valve body is machined from 316L stainless steel and comes with “S” Clamp connection. The “S” Clamp is used to attach the valve to a mating ferrule which is permanently attached to the tank.
  • The valve is spring hold closed and is opened by pushing the stem toward the tank against the spring force.

W30 Sample Valve Features:

  • The body and actuator arrangement are designed for high pressure applications.
  • The Teflon o-ring seat is used for full shut off
  • The optional SIP flushing port on the back side of the body is for high purity applications, where it is necessary to sterilize or flush the body of the valve prior to taking a sample
  • This valve is ideal for installation on high temperature process lines
  • Lined with a non-galling stainless steel alloy
  • Surface finish 32 Ra or less
  • Nylon actuator knob insulates against temperature
  • Available with "S" Clamp inlet from ½" - 2" (12mm - 51mm) size with outlets in "S" Clamp or hose barb



  • Pressure: up to 100 psi (6.9 bar) service rating
  • Temperature: up to 180°F (80°C) maximum
  • CIP (Clean-In-Place) Cleaning